Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sound Of Musick Stilled (I Think I Think)

Phil Musick's deftness with words and and observations made his sports columns, general reporting and radio broadcasts indispensable to Pittsburgh for many years. Phil contributed to just about every major medium in Western Pennsylvania, including at least one he outlasted, but he did not survive this morning.

Phil Musick, praised primarily for printed work, also was a fine broadcaster (the inverse of Myron Cope, revered for his airborne activity by an audience that generally was unaware that Myron had been
one of the nation's great sportswriters
during a period in which the printed word was king).

Phil (Peabody grad) and Myron (Allderdice) could play any position on the field, with talent and flair, because each was a writer. Period. End of story.

-- 30 --

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