Friday, January 8, 2010

Mayor Proposes Prevailing Unavailing Wage Bill

The developers' association Ravenstahl administration has announced that it has gutted revised the prevailing wage legislation enacted by council in December and sandbagged on New Year's Eve vetoed by the mayor.

The second mayoral display of disdain for city council in the year's first week suggests a pattern, and this installment seems especially strange. Seven members of the unanimous council that approved the original proposal are still seated, and at least one of the two newcomers is a natural supporter of the original bill. (Robert Daniel Lavelle's position presumably can not be known until Jake Wheatley and Yarone Zober inform him of that position, nor before Mr. Lavelle has had an opportunity to switch positions.) The lack of friendly quotes from council members accompanying the mayor's announcement indicates today's proposal was a unilateral effort instead of the result of any bridge-building.

The mayor deserves credit for operating on the better side of the domestic abuse issue, although his proposal to include stalking among the disqualifiers could generate unexpected issues.

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Burgher Jon said...

Dowd did tweet encouraging words about the mayor reaching out, "Mayor just reached out to council to work together on the Prevailing Wage. This could possibly be the beginning of good things for PGH."