Thursday, January 14, 2010

Unsolicited Advice Series: Doug Shields

Hey, Doug


I have no interest in your amendments. I said as much last year and I see no point in being inconsistent on the matter. I have, in my own estimation, already spent ample time on the matter and I am very comfortable with the language I and all the rest of the Council, including you, already voted.
Good day.

does not look like this:



Anonymous said...

Doug Shields and Bill Peduto can go suck eggs.

Infinonymous said...

Sure, they can suck eggs. And the City of Pittsburgh -- or, as anyone familiar with debits and credits would call it, InsolvenCity -- could drop dead (or even deader.

But is that what we should desire?

Anonymous said...

Why does Shields need to toss Dowd a life preserver when an anvil will do just fine?