Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Just Wondering: Palin, Onorato, Baldwin, Luke

Just wondering:

• whether Sarah Palin's new Fox News contract requires her to become a bottle blonde to comply with Fox's "gold standard" (or, instead, her journalism degree earned at a half-dozen undergraduate schools scored a rare brunette exemption)?

• whether the primary reason Dan Onorato hasn't endorsed Arlen Specter yet is that Dan is having a hard time excusing the senator's switch from Republican to Democrat?

• whether Luke Ravenstahl genuinely fails to recognize that city employees' alcohol-fueled public tussles with police is an issue toward which he probably should not direct additional public attention?

• whether, when ostensibly pursuing the progressive vote, Mr. Onorato will mention that he passes the Republican Party's litmus test?

• whether veteran Pitt football eligibility coordinator defense attorney Craig Lee genuinely believes that Jonathan Baldwin's celebrity was responsible for Baldwin's charges (for unsolicited contact with a female classmate's buttocks) instead of for the acquittal (by Judge Sasinoski, Pitt '78?

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