Thursday, May 14, 2009

Council District 2 Infindorsement Vindicated: Anyone Not Named Theresa Smith

A couple of recent developments have vindicated the Infindorsement ("anyone not named Theresa Smith") with respect to City Council District 2.

One of Theresa Smith's supporters has responded to a detailed and damning deconstruction of her advertisements and public statements by complaining about a "witch hunt." This establishes that the speaker does not understand the term "witch hunt" (except to the extent of a vague sense 'it means something bad, with people chasing people and stuff') and suggests that a reasoned defense of Ms. Smith's mendacity is unlikely to emerge.

More important that the semiliterate nature of her support are Theresa Smith's disingenuous campaign literature, dopey public statements, small-minded agenda and scant qualifications.

I believe that Theresa Smith is, or at least was, an altrustic community advocate, but the pressures of campaigning have obviously warped her judgment, her choice of playmates is troublesome and Pittsburgh already has far too many overwhelmed small-timers in positions of leadership. I could get behind Theresa Smith for Little League volunteer or PTA leader, but the idea of her making decisions about the city's pension fund, water authority finances or Act 47 issues is horrifying (unless, I suppose, you work for JPMorgan or have the surname Zappala). If you can't vote for one of her opponents, vote for Oliver Onion.

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Anonymous said...

Matt H is the one calling this a witch hunt.