Saturday, May 16, 2009

Theresa Smith, Patrick Reilly, Luke Ravenstahl: Lying (Literally) In The Gutter Together

Theresa Smith reportedly continues to defend her misleading campaign material, indicating that her faculties do not include the ability to distinguish lie from truth. I consequently withdraw my statement that I could support her for Little League volunteer or PTA leader, and apologize for the misjudgment.

The boy mayor, with whom Theresa Smith appears to be at least loosely affiliated, shares a lack of integrity with respect to claims of Post-Gazette endorsements with Ms. Smith and with another minor politico, Patrick Reilly, whose pathetic approach to campaigning also prompted him to distribute a campaign card that dishonestly signals that he and Mayor Ravenstahl (whose choice of puppets is Anthony Coghill rather than Mr. Reilly) constitute a "team."

The Post-Gazette has endorsed Patrick Dowd, Natalia Rudiak and Georgia Blotzer; it has not endorsed Luke Ravenstahl, Patrick Reilly or Theresa Smith.

The P-G should sue all three for defamation, for creating the impression that the newspaper would be dumb enough to endorse any of these losers.

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