Thursday, May 7, 2009

Infindorsements: Court of Common Pleas

Voters will select five local lawyers to become judges of the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County in November's general election; May's Democratic Party primary occupies an outsized role in the process. Most good lawyers decline to consider campaigning for a number of reasons -- a demeaning nomination and campaign process, compensation, lack of prestige -- and Judge Judith Olson (who became one of the finest judges on that bench in decades the moment she was sworn) decided not to run, so the pickings are alim, as is customary. Infindorsements are based on character, intelligence, experience, accomplishment and education, with ties broken by whim.

Phil Ignelzi: Outstanding character, ability, background, demeanor. Voters rarely have a chance to vote for such an accomplished candidate, which explains lack of ACDC endorsement. Best candidate by substantial margin. Highly recommended (ACBA).
Hugh McGough: Civic- and open-minded, well-educated and -rounded. Highly recommended.
Joe Williams: Good qualifications, civic-minded incumbent, highly recommended.
Alex Bicket: Well regarded, interesting background, highly recommended.
Susan Evashavik DiLucente: Acceptable candidate, despite ACDC endorsement; recommended.
Arnie Klein: Earnest, empathetic, recommended.
Michael Marmo: Earnest, empathetic, recommended.
Leah Williams Duncan: Light on experience, recommended.
Carolyn Saldari Bengel: Weak background, not recommended.
Jeffrey Eisenberg: Not recommended.
Joe Luvara: Little-known, unqualified.
Jennifer Satler: Not ready. unqualified.
Michael Sherman: Little-known, recommended.
Don Walko: Scant qualifications, not recommended.
Michele Zappala Peck: Four years after law school, riding maiden name with no record of accomplishment. Her candidacy insults voters and reflects lack of judgment. Not recommended.


True said...

Work Against: Don Walko

He has failed to represent the Pittsburgh ratepayers.

Anonymous said...

Wholeheartedly agree with all of your picks. Ignelzi is a top-notch candidate with excellent experience and temperment. Good luck Mr. Ignelzi!

Anonymous said...

Trib's endorsements came out: Ignelzi, Klein, McGough, Bengel and Zappala-Peck.