Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Return Of PittGirl

PittGirl, a trailblazing local blogger who disappeared (before I read a word) after learning that her identity had been discovered (but not, apparently, widely publicized), has reappeared.

The obvious devotion of her followers ensures that I will check her work, but her chosen medium for re-emergence seems curious. She is contributing a column to Pittsburgh Magazine, which is the mouthpiece for WQED, which is the voice of the region's ossified establishment. I suppose it could be worse -- she could have emerged as the Official Blogger of the Allegheny Conference for Community Development.

If PittGirl breaks the Pittsburgh Magazine mold (breathless and mindless cheerleader for the region's slightly upper crust, a publication whose idea of hard-hitting journalism is something along the line of 'Why Doesn't The Good News About Pittsburgh Get More National Recognition?'), I will admire her. I therefore hope she's kidding about 'this is the year the Pirates' losing ends.'

Good luck, PittGirl. Welcome back.

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