Wednesday, December 16, 2009

If Dowd Votes For Burgess, Pass The Matches

A commenter has suggested that Pittsburgh city council member Patrick Dowd might vote for Rev. Ricky Burgess in the election of the next council president.

If Dr. Dowd votes for the mayor's toady, it will be time to place InsolvenCity in a paper bag, douse it with lighter fluid, place it on the state's doorstep and ring the doorbell.


Bram Reichbaum said...

The only saving grace in all this is that Ricky Burgess is still likely to making his way towards the center or maybe even "the other side" -- over a period of months or even a year -- into this new Council session.

That doesn't mean he has the skill set for Council President. He has the knowledge -- he used to "teach" Robert's Rules of Order -- but that doesn't mean he has the patience and the temperament yet.

Plus, I really want to see Gillman become Yarone one day. Can you blame me?

Infinonymous said...

Dr. Dowd apparently discussed (without a commitment to the idea) the prospect of a coalition to elect Rev. Burgess in the event Shields were unable to construct a majority, but those conversations appear to have shifted to Peduto, with Shields still in the running.

Burgess would have a difficult path without the toady problem. I don't even see his candidacy as even Luke-warm. Peduto or Shields this time. Rudiak in a couple of years.

Lest anyone think this election is meaningless, check the Proposition Board lines under "Ravenstahl Indictment."

Anonymous said...

Can either of you explain to me the rationale(s), at this point, of there even being a Council President?

I see three potentialities.

I haven't yet seen anyone on here explain why any of the three are better than any of the other two.

It seems like placing a wager on any of these three (with or without the odds) is a bit like betting on the Steelers.

I'd take down the propositions board on this one.

Bram Reichbaum said...

"Can either of you explain to me the rationale(s), at this point, of there even being a Council President?"

Why ... the alternative is bloody, civil strife!

That, and somebody needs to hold the gavel and schedule meetings with the Clerk.

Infinonymous said...

That, and someone needs to ascend to the mayor's office in the event of, say . . . a scandal.