Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dan Onorato To Allegheny County Homeowners: If You Want Any Help From Me, Move

If you are a struggling homeowner in a rough patch of Allegheny County, you learned on Wednesday that Dan Onorato (right, with one of his interns) appears to be so committed to ensuring that you continue to pay unconstitutionally high property taxes (subsidizing affluent residents of better neighborhoods) that he is willing to disregard court orders, risking a contempt citation and incarceration, to preserve that unlawful unfairness.

If you are a newly settled homeowner along Israel's West Bank, fretting about international pressure to restrain use of disputed territory, however, Mr. Onorato assured you recently that he has your back.

UPDATE: The Angry Drunk Bureaucrat has the art from Wednesday's hearing before Judge Wettick.


Anonymous said...

As a city dweller by choice, I would pay my county property taxes twice if I could get some relief form the city and school taxes.

Infinonymous said...

If you live in a modest home in a modest neighborhood, you may be paying twice already.