Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nothing Like A Unanimous Council Vote To Signal Trouble Right Here In Three-River City

When can a 9-0 vote be bitter, divisive and ominous?

When it's just another day in InsolvenCity.

Today's Post-Gazette recounts a unanimous Pittsburgh city council vote (prevailing wage, for anyone interested) that portends poorly from the perspective of anyone who wants the city to succeed.

Both substantial camps of the current council -- the progressives, led by Bill Peduto and Doug Shields, and the [insert perjorative term here]s, led by Jim Motznik -- aimed nasty, undisguised jabs at Patrick Dowd during what might have been the most fractious journey toward a unanimous vote in council history.

For the moment, at least, Dr. Dowd appears to occupy a bizarre and isolated position between the independence-minded holdovers and the receding group that remains available to the Ravenstahl administration's paving-and-patronage pitches. Repelling a natural ally seems an unaffordable luxury for both Dr. Dowd and the imminent progressive/independent/competent majority whatever remains of a progressive hope on council.

That unanimous vote, meanwhile, may signal a mayoral veto (prevailing wage, for anyone interested).

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