Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Will City Council Promote "Ricky Loves Lukey"?

No -- at least not unless several people are lying.

After fresh research (in response to skepticism from the Comet), the Propositions Board line on Burgess for Pittsburgh council president remains 50-1. The polarization concerning and instigated by the mayor's office, coupled with Rev. Burgess' recent fealty to the mayor, appears to deny Rev. Burgess at least five votes. Even by Pittsburgh pension math, that's underfunded.

The line on council's handling of the tuition tax proposal has narrowed, to 1-1.

The epic 'could I look any dumber or any more disingenuous' display by county toadie Tim Johnson WTAE report on "sabotage" in the county assessment office (spotlighted by the Comet) keeps the "county in contempt on assessments" line in play, although the deadline has moved into spring. (Related: As pathetic as Johnson's performance is, the Post-Gazette's handling of this story may be worse.)

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