Tuesday, December 22, 2009

OK, OK, I Give -- By Popular Request, Odds Posted On The Shields-Peduto-Dowd Cage Match

Describing the reasoning would be too depressing, so the lines are posted without comment at the Propositions Board (far right column).

Holiday Specials (this event only): All winning tickets doubled if blood spilled, chair thrown, table overturned, or any philosopher from college introductory survey course quoted on record.

UPDATE: Dowd's BFF line adjusted.


Bram Reichbaum said...

Council presidency votes aren't held in public -- I'm not even sure as to the "procedure" they employ. We're not likely to know how a specific member voted if its indeed contentious.

Word has it they sent Dan Deasy in to Kraus's office last time around to crash out and suggest affably, "So, we're all voting for Doug, right?" But that's only 'cause Motznik's team was throwing in the towel. And there are still only like a dozen people in town who know that Ravenstahl ascended as the result of Twanda Carlisle not quite securing a fifth vote. That's one to grow on.

Maria said...

"Council presidency votes aren't held in public"

I believe they are -- it's the lobbying that isn't.

Infinonymous said...

How would council members elect a president privately without assembling an Open Meetings Act-violating majority?

deegazette said...

"Twanda Carlisle not quite securing a fifth vote. That's one to grow on."

WOW, wouldn't it have been something had Ms. Carlisle become council prez and then mayor?

Holy mackrelendy!!