Monday, March 21, 2011

Short-Sighted Flight Fells Regional Enterprise Tower

The regional cooperation project embodied by the Regional Enterprise Tower has been whittled by Allegheny County-inflicted cuts to the brink of foreclosure, causing officials from other counties to engage in justifiable wonder concerning prospects for intercounty collaboration.

Regardless of why entities such as VisitPittsburgh and the Allegheny Conference abandoned the former Alcoa Building (none of the rumors flatters those entities), they apparently were entitled to leave. Just as representatives of other counties, when approached by officials seeking bailouts for Pittsburgh and Allegheny County with respect to municipal pensions and Port Authority transit, will be entitled to respond with slightly puzzled, vacant stares.

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MH said...

Blank stares is an improvement over the current laughter. But, unless Butler owns the note or I am missing something, this seems a strange link between the two topics.

Anonymous said...

How do you lose a building that was basically given to you??

MH said...

I'd like to second anon's question. I just re-read the article and it doesn’t seem obvious at all that they should lose the building. At 80% full and $17.50/square foot, they should be bringing in $5 million a year (plus the income from a $5 million endowment). If that isn’t enough to keep the building up and pay the note, either the building has something really wrong with it or the commission does.