Saturday, March 19, 2011

It Is Time For Gaddafi To Die -- And Time To Revoke Warmongering Privileges For Iraq-Afghanistan Fans

After decades of unhinged and clownish (left) despotism, it is time for Muammar Gaddafi of Libya and a number of his associates to die (and, consequently, for the life of most Libyans to improve).

If the United States can lend a hand to the Libyans struggling to remove Gaddafi, Americans should do so -- so long as American hands work alongside those provided by a consensus among decent nations, and the work does not involve attempted occupation of Libya.

It would be senseless, however, for Americans to turn Libya into another Iraq or Afghanistan. President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton have been smart to disclaim any prospect of American soldiers marching through Libya.

Advocates of unilateral and/or ground-level American action should be ignored. In particular, those who pushed the United States military into two misguided quicksands to Libya's east -- and especially those who have not yet acknowledged and apologized for those mistakes -- should have their warmongering privileges revoked by decent citizens.

Gaddafi has been excused for decades. Now, he has been warned. Next, unless he immediately takes Hosni Mubarak's cue, he should be killed.

Infinonytune: Masters Of War, Pearl Jam

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