Friday, March 4, 2011

Candidate Koch Describes His Level Of Passion For His Council Race In No Uncertain Terms

InsolvenCity Council candidate Jeff Koch is no longer relying on the indirect efforts of supporters to dismiss sidelines chatter that Koch is not whole-heartedly committed to his campaign to unseat Bruce Kraus. Candidate Koch has personally and forcefully refuted rebutted addressed any claim of indifference with this declaration to the Slagger:

Ask him about the losing 2007 campaign, for example, and he says, "I wouldn't even have voted for myself that time, with all the shit that came out."
Could Koch could have been more convincing about his passion for the campaign without invoking tiger blood and Adonis DNA?

Infinonytune: You Send Me, Sam Cooke

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Anonymous said...

"you send me" = very funny

but stop teasing, what about Dowd and Burgess?

you gonna do Fitz and Flaherty?