Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pirates Once Again Demonstrate They Know Their Fans In Unveiling Club's 2011 Lineup

The Pirates have announced their lineup for 2011. Predictably, Andrew McCutchen and Neil Walker are placed atop the order, with Pedro Alvarez in the middle; a number of reliable veterans (although nothing that would help a club win on the field) fill out the order. The biggest problem for Pirates fans -- other than reality and the fact that newspapers still publish standings -- is the lack of pitching. (As in, in this lineup, there is literally no pitching.)

1. Andrew McCutchen action figurine (right) (April 23)
2. Neil Walker bobblehead (right, below) (May 21)
3. Zambelli fireworks (seven dates)
4. Pedro Alvarez jersey (June 5)
5. Huey Lewis and the News (June 11)
6. Pirate Parrot bobblehead (June 12)
7. Pierogy wind-up racers (July 10)
8. Skyblast! (three dates)
9. Steve Miller Band (September 24)

Play (Nutting-like-losing-at-a-handsome-profit) ball!

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n'at said...

I hand Pirate tickets to colleagues and friends I wish to insult.