Monday, March 7, 2011

A Few Words Concerning Infindorsements

Infindorsements are not predictions, preferences, exhortations or criticisms.

They are predictions, preferences, exhortations, and criticisms -- more precisely, a blend of those elements, compounded using an imprecise formula, designed to impart messages to voters, candidates, and others.

In some circumstances, the Infindorsement goes to a flawed candidate who outshines competition; in others, an Infindorsement eludes even an adequate candidate because a broader message is expressed by endorsing no one. Sometimes, an admirable candidate misses Infindorsement because another candidate packages likelihood and quality (perhaps even lesser quality).

The most recent set of Infindorsements involved all of those circumstances, and others.

[If you listen to one Infinonytune this year, pick these two. Then, buy Quadrophenia.]

Infinonytune: The Dirty Jobs, The Who with David Gilmour
Infinonytune: The Punk And The Godfather, The Who

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