Sunday, March 13, 2011

Congratulations To Pitt's Top-Seeded Panthers

With the best regular-season record among teams in America's toughest college basketball conference, Pitt's Panthers have earned -- and received -- a top seeding in the NCAA men's basketball tournament. Congratulations to Jamie Dixon -- a good guy -- his staff, and especially to the players who carry the dreams of Pitt fans to Washington and, we hope, beyond.


James said...

I read this post twice and did not find any evidence of snark, criticism, or sarcasm.

Who are you, podperson and what have you done with Infy?

Infinonymous said...

"Found no" would have been better than "did not find any."

You should have omitted "evidence of."

The comma that should follow "podperson" is missing.


James said...

Yes, actually, I am.

Infinonymous said...

Just another step toward improving our world.

MH said...

Go Buckeyes. (Not that I'm opposed to Pitt winning, if they must.)

Anonymous said...

this blog is like artichokes

weird but enjoyable or addicting, even