Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Who Says There's No Opportunity For The Young'uns Around Here? (Not Ben Or Charlie)

It's official! Any claim that parents of southwestern Pennsylvania lack opportunity for their children must now be withdrawn: Landing your son a chance to work with Charlie Sheen (right) is the best opportunity we've heard since getting your daughter engaged to Ben Roethlisberger.

We hope the Allegheny Conference will forgive us for being distracted by the moribund economy, population flight, infrastructure decay and insolvency for all these years.

Infytune: Ooh La La, Ronnie Wood (too-drunk-to-care version)
Infytune: Ooh La La, Faces (damn-good-song version)


Applauding quietly said...

Don't hold your breath on the Allegheny Conf. I can tell you for a fact they do NOT appreciate this blog.

MH said...

If you put Hot Shots at number 7 on your "IF YOU CAN NOT STEP AWAY FROM THE SCREEN" list, Charlie Sheen might appreciate this blog.