Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Cascade Of Lessons On Safety And Predictability

As nuclear reactors continue to burn, melt and explode in an ostensibly unpredictable (thanks, again, Wikileaks!) toxic cascade along Japan's northeastern coast, some questions seem pertinent:

• Why were emergency inventories of and delivery systems for boron, electricity, coolant, and other necessary items not already in place at Fukushima?

• Of the 50 or more noble persons who have remained in harm's way to attempt to avert additional disaster, how many were among the Tokyo Electric Power Company and General Electric executives, salesmen and designers who received the greatest rewards for designing, selling, and managing the questionable reactors that are currently burning, melting and exploding? (Bonus current events question: How many of the heroic workers are union members?)

• When will people acknowledge (or, at least, recognize) that energy might be inexpensive (at point of purchase), and energy might be relatively safe, but energy can not be both?

Infinonytune: Before The Deluge, Jackson Browne

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