Monday, March 28, 2011

Burn Could Comment On InsolvenCity Democratic Committee Members Without Sacrificing Credibility

Allegheny County Democratic Committee Chair Jim Burn relies on committee members' votes for that position, making it understandable that he would refrain from insulting those members when asked to explain city committee members' endorsements for InsolvenCity council.

Instead of courteously avoiding comment, however, or mumbling a platitude, Burn opined that the knuckleheads he oversees had been motivated by a focus on issues while denying endorsements to four incumbent members of InsolvenCity's council.

The obvious follow-up: If city committee members vote on issues rather than personalities, why do they routinely endorse unqualified candidates for judge?

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MH said...

I think saying that somebody in politics focuses on the issues counts as mumbling a platitude.

Anonymous said...

Jim Burns is Democratic leader of the whole state AND Chairman of County Council, shouldn't he be past worrying about the dipwads on Democratic City Committee by now?