Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Time For InsolvenCity FOP To Cancel That APB On R2Dew2 (The Mountain Dew Container With Legs)?

One of the Slagger's commenters points to a fine Rustbelt Radio report (from Pittsburgh Indy Media) concerning the unhinged, and apparently unsupervised, elements of Pittsburgh's Fraternal Order of Police that have misappropriated the public law enforcement authority of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police to conduct a lawless, private vendetta -- with badges and guns.

The relevant report begins at the 28-minute mark. It includes ACLU legal director Vic Walczak's observations concerning the propriety of arranging resumption of federal oversight of the Pittsburgh Bureau of police. It also makes a strong case that Mr. Walczak should avoid walking alone in the City of Pittsburgh anytime soon with an invisible bottle of Mountain Dew -- or one that has legs (like R2Dew2, right) and can therefore walk away.

To the extent anyone with lawful authority to supervise or investigate rogue police conduct in the City of Pittsburgh cares to begin doing his job, here are a couple of starting points:

Did the police officers FOP representatives who sought the warrant consult Diane Berman or Daniel Koniechka (the assistant district attorneys who reportedly would have handled such a warrant application in normal circumstances)? If not, why not, and at whose direction? (Hint: The answers, and perhaps some explanations, are available for the asking from officers in a couple of zones.)

How did this particular warrant application come before notorious rubber stamp district justice James Hanley?

It's probably time for city police to cancel that all-points-bulletin on R2Dew2, by the way; he's never going to be found.


Anonymous said...

You really think your garbage means something just because you can name a few ADA's? You probably impress some people with this crap but, in actual fact its still all BULLSHIT. Getting ADA's to sign off is not REQUIRED, a warrant is still a warrant, when the JUDGE signs it.

Unknown said...

Oooooo struck a nerv there by the looks ... ;-)