Monday, February 7, 2011

Some Commenters Deserved Better From Us

Some comments offered during November, December and January were -- inadvertently -- not published until this morning. Those correspondents deserved better, and deserve an explanation.

Comments concerning vintage InfiPosts (the aging period is a week or 10 days or something similar, established by off-the-shelf software) are moderated. The reason: We want to read those comments, and are disinclined to comb the archives periodically to find them. An alert that "this proposed comment requires moderation" is therefore handy.

So far, memory indicates, rejected comments have uniformly involved tattoo promotions, tattoo removal promotions and sketchy offers for prescription medications whose promoters have managed to transform government-mandated health warnings ("if you can't tame it within four hours . . .") into their best sales pitch.

This morning, however, we noticed for the first time a "Spam" folder. A millisecond later, we noticed that it held contents. Most of the contents constituted spam of predictable nature, but others were legitimate comments that had languished for days, weeks, or months.

The explanation: We erred because didn't know what we were (or weren't) doing.

We intend to avoid recurrence of this problem. We apologize to correspondents we disserved and to readers denied (until this morning) some of the site's better content.

Infinonytune: I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, U2


Bram Reichbaum said...

Those must have been some insightful comments!

And now it's come to this ... after a 2 1/2 week unscheduled hiatus, during which time folks understandably might have fallen out of the habit of checking my blog, I finally posted again. Figured I'd call attention to it here, don't think it's a bad post.

City Center Development Updates.

Anonymous said...

So, did you O' Hara, and Mr. and Mrs. Hardway smoke out the evil-doers or what?

Bram Reichbaum said...

Fingers X'd.

Xiao Qiang said...

“The best censorship is self-censorship, and China relies on solid work by the secret police to make people censor themselves and keep the Internet under control.”

Confucious said...

What on earth is the "censorship" connection?

Dragon Bros. said...

When journalists, both paid and pretend, collaborate with a non-profit that represents an official security apparatus in an effort to criminalize behavior that is maybe unethical at its very worst, it is a form of censorship that places the interests (pride and immunity from accountability, in this case) of law enforcement, their spouses, and their holster-sniffing groupies ahead of the public interest.
Granted, it's absurd to pretend that there is any such thing as an objective journalist but behaving like a human hand-puppet is one thing for a young, impressionable employee of a network affiliate, who is potentially at risk to be a victim of domestic violence but to see someone whom I personally respected as a watchdog, turn into a lapdog, is pretty disheartening. At least the Zapallas do it for material and political gain, not just because of some hurt pride jihad against imaginary anarchists.
I'm not sure what kind of metaphysics, homeopathy, or jujitsu considers being a dupe of the FOP a means of making up for being duped by a hoax. The kinds of institutions that are entrusted with the state's monopoly on violence tend to take a pretty dim view of snitches and wannabees. After all, like Catholic priests, they (not gangsters, terrorists, anarchists, etc...) will not inform on one another under any circumstances.

Bram Reichbaum said...

1) So you don't like it, and you have your reasons for that. That doesn't make it "censorship". There are other words.

2) Similarly, I always care about what I'm talking about. Just because a common target of leftist or reformist approbation is on one side of a dispute doesn't make them wrong and the self-righteous rabble-rousers right. I'd like to think calling it exactly as I see it will make it more meaningful when I do take real umbrage at the establishment, and I think most people have no trouble understanding that. But if its part of someone's agenda to browbeat others into staying on a certain reservation or to discredit independent, critical thinking, well, that'll happen.

Anonymous said...

what dragon bros. said. pretty disappointed in the comet.