Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So Far, Governor Tom Corbett's Regulatory Oversight Resembles Attorney General Tom Corbett's Prosecutions: Partisan and Political

If Tom Corbett were to fire every state regulator who refrains, for political reasons, from enforcing laws and protecting the public, no one whose duties include policing Marcellus shalers in Pennsylvania can expect to last a week.

But the relevant state employees should relax, because it is likely Gov. Corbett's axe was swung in an abortion-specific (make that anti-abortion-specific) direction . . . for political reasons.

Infinonytune: The Punk And The Godfather, Pete Townshend (early version)

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Benjamin Stiglitz said...

I'm more than willing to believe that Corbett is willing to regulate for political gain, but Gosnell sure seems like an animal and I can't see any other way to characterize the Department of Health's actions as willfully negligent. "People die" is hardly the right response from an agency that could have saved lives of the Philadelphia clinic's patients.