Monday, February 21, 2011

Three's A Charm For Today's Yesteryear's GOP

As yet another half-educated Tea Party favorite drags public policy and discourse to a juvenile level, this time in Wisconsin, the three-legged stool of today's Republican Party becomes more clearly evident:
(1) It is good that the people who would have stood with Frick at Homestead finally feel free to express that position in public. This is a useful exercise every century or so.

(2) It also is good that people who believe -- usually consequent to superstition -- that the majority of their countrymen are cold-blooded murderers are pressing their point, demanding special treatment indulging their countermajority positions. Many of these citizens also demonstrate their self-proclaimed love of liberty by asking the government to imprison citizens for smoking marijuana. And bigots are at their best when openly celebrating the Confederacy or pushing for government discrimination against gays.

(3) We should not disregard the people who cheerlead -- often as chickenhawks -- for military action regardless of consequences to our soldiers or innocent civilians (to a point at which attacking the wrong country is deemed irrelevant), so long as it makes them feel better. These citizens also tend to demonstrate their devotion to limited government by applauding torture, government surveillance, official secrecy and the like.
Economic conservatives, who favor elite corporate interests at the expense of the middle class. Social conservatives, who wish to impose a knuckledraggers' nanny state. Militarist conservatives, who squander our blood, treasure, principles and prestige eagerly and counterproductively. The three-pointed dunce cap worn proudly by today's Republican Party.

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