Monday, February 28, 2011

Sen. Orie Takes Hits As Trial Advances: With Friend (And A Neutral) Like This, Who Needs Prosecutors?

Sen. Jane Clare Orie took a couple of hits as her politically tainted (but seemingly justified) trial approached the conclusion of testimony today.

First, Judge Jeffrey Manning made what appeared to be a bad call in denying jurors the opportunity to see the mocking depiction of Sen. Orie (right, centered between non-mocking characters) that had been posted in the persecutors' prosecutors' offices. Depriving a citizen of the opportunity to question prosecutors' conduct seems inappropriate, particularly in a criminal prosecution that already reeks of politics.

Second, defense attorney William Costopolous presented as character witnesses state troopers association president Bruce Edwards and InsolvenCity firefighters union leader Joe King -- two guys whose demonstrated standards would seem to incline them to vouch for Charlie Manson and Jeffrey Dahmer (had they paid union dues).

Prosecutors, judge, defense attorney -- that's a one-two-three punch from which Sen. Orie might find it difficult to recover.


James said...

The charges are politically motivated as all hell, but that doesn't alter the fact that the prosecution has made a pretty damn convincing case against her.

ORIE: Big meanie Stevie Zappalla is picking on me 'cuz I pissed off his family!

JUDGE: And this refutes the testimony and evidence against you how?

Complaining that your snotty, tattletale brother doesn't like you is not a defense when caught with your hand in the cookie jar.

MH said...

At least elected officials don't get arbitrators.

Conservative Mountaineer said...

You are so right on both counts.. unfortunately for the 2nd count. Jane Orie probably did it all. So? At least juvis didn't get railroaded or the Mob didn't get anything.

Now that uber-political 'lil Stevie Zappala may get a political scalp, maybe he'll go after, say, Dan "The Drink Tax Man" Onorato for *clearly* campaigning on County time or Tom Corbett for the same thing or *any* other politician who does the same damn thing every election season.

But, of course, Orie and her Sister, were putting (well intentioned) heat on 'lil Stevie Zappala's criminal ventures, namely the old man's casino deals or his brother's (? uncles?) dealings with the juvi prison scandal in Luzerne Country.

Stevie Zappala's family is dirty. Stevie Zappala is dirty.

Hey, Stevie, come and get me you filthy POS.

MH said...

Veon and the like get arrest and Casablanca PA says, "Look, they ignore the Republicans and the prosecutor has issues of his own." Orie gets prosecuted and CM says, "Look, they ignored the Democrats and the prosecutor has issues of his own." (Except CM is apparently ignoring the extra issue of using the state to pay your fund raisers.) I don't care either way. I still say, "Every time a member of the PA legislature gets convicted*, we move closer to a just world."

*and I'm aware Orie hasn't been yet.

Anonymous said...

Conservative Mountaineer needs to start his own blog. What he refers to has been so ignored by the media you wonder what the "family" has on them.

Not Sen. Orie said...

Help wanted. Must know photoshop or how to adjust a photocopier to get a plausible mash-up of two documents. Would also consider candidates willing to change their name to Jamie Pavlot. Potential for overtime. No Pitt students.

Keno Ta Ta said...

Why no Pitt students?.....according to Sports Illustrated Pitt's #1

James said...

Because Pitts students are all filthy, dirty, tattling commies!

Having seen the docs in question (and I am eagerly awaiting the inevitable Infy post on this), I have to say Judge Manning was spot on: Ray Charkes could see they were doctored.