Friday, February 25, 2011

InsolvenCity Anthem: Party All The Time

There are several sound reasons to disfavor Gavin Robb's (left) candidacy for District 3's seat among InsolvenCity Councilors, and we intend to catalog them soon, but a switch in party registration is not among them.

Infinonytune: Party All The Time, Eddie Murphy and Rick James


Shawn Carter said...


Now you KNOW that song is a classic AND this guy was like 5 when it came out.

Anonymous said...

Ageist! BTW, Party All the Time came out in 1985. So a five-year-old then would be 30 now.

Anonymous said...

Question: Which of the following elected Democrats used to be a registered Republican?:

(a) Bob O'Connor
(b) Mike Doyle
(c) Bill Peduto
(d) Patrick Dowd

Answer: rumor is, all of them. So, who cares? I'd take them any day over the actual Republican who sits in the Mayor's office.

Anonymous said...


Oh do tell...what are the sound reasons that we should disfavor Gavin Robb?

I find it hard to believe that a lawyer who most likely has a six-figure income would walk away from that for a $59,000 a year City Council position.

This leads me to conclude that either Tucker Arensberg plans on subsidizing him as a favor to the mayor or this guy is being "shown the door" by his firm.

Or in the third alternative, this guy so freakin' naif that he thinks that a Pittsburgh City Council seat is only a 2-4 hour a week commitment like it is in the suburbs. He must not realize that a city council job, if performed correctly, is a seven day a week, morning, noon and night job.

Anonymous said...

As far as Council hours, Reverend Burgess manages to have 3 full time jobs. You do the math.