Friday, February 4, 2011

Dennis Roddy's New Tack Might Not Change Bearing

The provocative inferences occasioned by a Parisian dot collection should be recognized as part of a broader mosaic, Dennis Roddy's decades of valuable journalism. (Someone claiming to be Dennis Roddy aptly indicates that some of those dots are imperfectly placed, although this does not defuse the inferences because even those dots do not appear to have been mislabeled.)

It is difficult to envision what Mr. Roddy will be expected to contribute to the Corbett administration (because we are confident he has not been engaged for truth-telling), but it is easy to wish Mr. Roddy well. And if Gov. Corbett eventually regrets the decision to invite Mr. Roddy inside the sausage-making operation, that would vindicate a pleasant hunch about Mr. Roddy.

UPDATE: Dennis Roddy's final words on a newspaper owner's dime intensify that hunch. No Republican should ever trust a reporter who isn't aiming to bank a million.

UPPERDATE:This (which, Sunday deadlines being what they are, likely was written before the newsroom letter) intensifies the hunch that Tom Corbett is a fool because Dennis Roddy is not.

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