Friday, February 25, 2011

It Is Time To Recall Wisconsin's Scott Walker (And We Do Not Mean Another Punking Call)

New Wisconsin governor Scott Walker is not only half-educated; he also is a vividly (and hilariously) confirmed half-wit and a half-democrat (in that his conception of democracy appears to involve voting rights for just half of Wisconsin legislators, the Republican half).

If we are fortunate, Gov. Walker will emulate another half-educated, half-wit Tea Partier, Sarah Palin, and be a half-term governor. Walker might not quit on his constituents, as Palin did, so Wisconsin should play it safe, and recall him.

Infinonytune: Call Me, Blondie

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James said...

The latest is that the police have joined with the firefighters (both exempt from Walker's proposed legislation) in support of the protesters.