Thursday, February 10, 2011

This Week's Unmasking Of A Conservative Hypocrite

At his Congressional office, Rep. Chris Lee (R-N.Y.)(left), was a by-the-book social conservative -- anti-abortion, anti-gay, drug warrior, "traditional" marriage and all of the nanny-state trappings -- with wife and child. By night, however, Lee fantasized about being a divorced, younger lobbyist, a "fit, fun classy guy" (right).
Lee's hypocrisy, coupled with stupidity, has positioned him to realize his fantasy. He took a major step toward divorce by using his real name and real-life e-mail account while trolling for tarts on Craiglist (after, reportedly, partying with female lobbyists to the point of receiving a warning from Speaker John Boehner). His resignation from the House Of Representatives is standard preparation for lobbying.

The 'fit, fun and classy' part seems a little dicier -- although by the standards of middle-aged female social conservatives, Chris Lee might be quite the catch.

Infinonytune: Love The One You're With, Stephen Stills


Anonymous said...

But it wasn't a dude, right? Why'd he resign if it wasn't a dude? Don't these rookies know the playbook anymore?

Infinonymous said...

Vitter and Ensign are, no doubt, snickering over a bowl of bean soup at this very moment.