Thursday, February 10, 2011

Isn't There A Stainless Steel Table Somewhere With Hosni Mubarak's Toe Tag On It By Now?

The progressive patriots of Egypt are welcoming physicians and lawyers (left) to their streets; torture-wielding tyrant Hosni Mubarak's allies respond by threatening violence (although it seems unlikely that, as a general proposition, Egypt's military would attack civilians on Mubarak's order).

Would someone help Mr. Mubarak get to the morgue?

UPDATE: Americans sent billions in weaponry to Egypt; you would think there would be at least one bullet with Mubarak's name on it lying around somewhere.

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Anonymous said...


I'll concede that 50-60 years of pro-oil US foreign policy in the Middle East has led to the myriad unhappiness in that region, but I prefer exile to exterminate. We have to be better than the Saddams, Hosnis, etc. of the world.

The 5,000-mile shortcut from the oilfields to the Atlantic created by the Suez Canal (as opposed to the trip around the Cape of Good Hope) isn't worth what we've done to that region of the world.

Having said that, I do believe that helping our friends in Israel was not a mistake, we could have, however, found better ways to diffuse tensions in that region for the good of the state of Israel and its neighbors.

I'm glad Mubarak is gone, I agree with you that the Egyptian military did a truly humanitarian thing in choosing to reject the wishes of the government and side with the people.

That the military cared more for its people than their masters speaks volumes to the inherent goodness of the Egyptian people.

Let's hope that is something we can build from.

Here's to a brighter future for Egypt, Africa and the Middle East. God knows they deserve it.

Infinonymous said...

Mubarak operated torture chambers in lawless prisons, looted tens of billions of dollars, and -- when the oppressed mustered the courage to object -- unleashed whip-cracking hordes on horseback, U.S.-supplied gas cannisters and secret police.

We are comfortable with extermination.

Ours is not the only reasonable opinion, however, as yours demonstrate.