Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Did Patti Weaver Campaign Box Itself In Out?

Most comment concerning the petitions filed by candidates today in Pittsburgh (for most offices) and Harrisburg (judicial candidates) will await another day, but because Chuck McCullough is sometimes busy righting wrongs or protecting county taxpayers, one curious point will be noted tonight:

Early Returner Jim O'Toole's listing of petitions filed with the Allegheny County Division of Elections indicates that Republican Patti Weaver's county executive petition identifies a post office box -- instead of her street address -- as her residence. In a state that bounces signatures for use of "Bob" rather than "Robert," that might constitute a disqualifier. (Especially for a candidate who advocates "strict constructionism" and "originalism" in judicial matters, and despises "judicial activism" of the bleeding-heart type that would excuse strict compliance with law.)

Perhaps proper petition preparation was omitted from the curriculum at Glenn Beck University.

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Anonymous said...

now you're getting scary Infy

Patti4Exec said...

If you are going to make scandal allegations like this, I think it is only right you should say, who you are? You complain about a p.o. box and fortunately, you do NOT get to make this call but, all you have is a gmail address. Double Standard???? I assume you are a Liberal for the Democrat candidates. Why not try debating Patti Weaver on ideas, not making up scandals.

Anonymous said...

On the "double-standard" - Infy is not running for public office.

On the "scandal allegations" - he's noting making them up, it's right there. If anyone challenges, an elections judge will get to decide.

James said...

When Infy is running for public office and is required to show proof of residency, then we can talk double standard. Until then, here's a website that may help you: http://www.alamo.edu/sac/english/lirvin/wguides/punct.htm

Felix Dzerzhinsky said...

I have elsewhere discussed the Weavers' nearly $600,000 home, which is located at 111 Riding Trail Lane in Fox Chapel. Their use of a PO Box for this is an amusing rookie mistake, and possibly an indication that more experienced campaigners among the Republican leadership are not solidly behind her.

Seeing her hoisted on her own strict-constructionist petard as Infy wishes would be an amusing sight. If these petitions were voter registration forms gathered by ACORN, these idiots would be screaming voter fraud. Congratulations on bringing one of them out of the woodwork to issue a semi-literate complaint at 12:02 AM.

Anonymous said...

You have now crossed the line in to official political activity, ie, actively AGAINST a Republican candidate in an election issue. This means disclosure REQUIRED-who you are and all your funding etc and who you are working for. Also do you have a Legal Opinion in writing for your public charges or are you just giving your opinion? If so please post it.

NOTE-I am a private citizen exercising my Rights. I do not speak for Patti Weaver or Pittsburgh Tea Party Movement or Republican Party.

James said...

Anon 10:33, farmers sell your ramblings by the wagonload. There is no such requirement.

Anonymous said...

You are a private citizen exercising your rights who does not speak for Weaver or the Tea Partiers. Infinonymous however is engaging in "official" political activity which triggers disclosure obligations.

Don't do it, Infi! I think she's trying to trip you up with clever-sounding legalese which may not really be true! :o

Infinonymous said...

We believe the InfiLawyer has assured us we're in no jeopardy, although his laughter made it difficult to get every word.

Do Tea Partiers attend classes to learn special rules of capitalization and punctuation?

pk said...

So Anon 10:33 shields his/her identity as Anonymous but wants Infy to disclose his/her identity?

Citation, please? (Preferably without ALL-CAPS.)

Infiniscene: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlMegqgGORY

Captain Kirk: Harry lied to you, Norman. Everything Harry says is a lie. Remember that, Norman. *Everything* he says is a lie.

Harcourt Fenton Mudd: Now I want you to listen to me very carefully, Norman. I'm... lying.

Norman: You say you are lying, but if everything you say is a lie, then you are telling the truth, but you cannot tell the truth because you always lie... illogical! Illogical! Please explain! You are human; only humans can explain! Illogical!

Captain Kirk: I am not programmed to respond in that area.

MH said...

Anon @ 10:33 is trolling, I hope.

Maria Lupinacci said...

The jig is up, Infy! How dare you be all "official" and make "scandal allegations"! Time to disclose exactly how much a blog on Blogger costs! And, how exactly do you get the money to post all those Youtubes? I bet it comes from envelopes full of unmarked cash! We're on to you!

Private John Q. Citizen Esq. said...

I thought that a Double Standard was one of those big red London buses.

The overwrought FAR RIGHT WING "outrage" schtick--with lots of !!!!! and ?????--is getting really comical.

At least she didn't use the name Patti4Exec at the top of her petition.

MH said...

If it is trolling, the specific touches are great (i.e. the capitalization, the mention of "rights" in something unrelated to rights, the call to use "ideas" in comments without any). It reminds me of Strawberry. If it isn't trolling, I'm going to use it to inform such.

Chris Potter said...

"This means disclosure REQUIRED-who you are and all your funding etc and who you are working for."

>>> This is a novel twist. Here we have a purported Tea Partier, demanding that a humble blogger be held to a higher standard than, say, Americans for Job Security.

AJS, like Crossroads GPS, ran countless ads targeting Jason Altmire and other Tea Party targets during the last election. But by exploiting loopholes in the law, these groups avoid reporting their OWN funding sources. And we're not talking blog posts here -- we're talking massive TV campaigns.

I have yet to hear Tea Partiers complaining about that. And in fact, Patti Weaver herself is on record opposing recent efforts to strengthen disclosure requirements, like last year's DISCLOSE Act.

For the record: I'm not a huge fan of anonymous blogging as a rule. And the DISCLOSE Act is a deeply flawed bill, in my opinion. But if increased transparency in political campaigns is a Tea Party priority, this is the first I've heard of it.

In fact, one reason some conservatives opposed the DISCLOSE Act was ... that it might be applied to bloggers! But now, it seems, some people would like to see the jackboot of oppression on the other foot.