Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Taxpayers Getting Reamed Again On North Side (But Don't Worry . . . The Rooneys Are Still Fine)

The only sane people who continue to believe that taxpayer-subsidized "North Shore development" was a good idea are greedy, selfish leeches people named Rooney and moral bankrupts people whose paychecks are signed "Rooney."

If this region survives the period in which Dan Onorato was county executive while Tom Murphy was mayor, the accomplishment will rival the Connecticut Huskies' overcoming-the-odds journey to this year's Final Four.

Infinonytune: Chain Of Fools, Aretha Franklin (with Elton John, Smokey Robinson and Rod Stewart)


Anonymous said...

And dont forget the Pens are lining up for the same gravy train (maybe even better, since they dont even pay for the land).

Anonymous said...

what do you mean by "moral bankrupts" whose paychecks are signed by the Rooneys? I am confused. Do you mean Big Ben?

Infinonymous said...

That's one.