Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Infindorsement: Pennsylvania House District 20

Want to understand why Pittsburgh is insolvent, has leaked population for decades and can't attract anything bigger than a lemonade stand without a huge public subsidy? Devote a few moments to examination of Pennsylvania's 20th House District.

This district includes the city's North Side -- whose principal contributions to our region include low-grade politicians and raw sewage effluent -- and its nearest northern suburbs. The 20th District's primary voters nominated two candidates, Democratic juvenile Adam Ravenstahl and Republican loon Alex Dubart.

Ravenstahl's self-parody resume marks him as a zero -- leaving citizens to wonder how he snared a UPMC "business analyst" job straight out of college (when UPMC reportedly wasn't hiring) -- but, as Americans are learning as a Tea Party-flavored wave washes some of the reason out of American politics, zero is the lowest number imaginable solely for those unfamiliar with negative integers.

Alex Dubart's value approximates negative five.

A zero against a negative number. That's quite a choice, one for which the Imbestahls who populate the 20th District (and the Post-Gazette's editorial board) should be embarrassed -- and held to account.

Infindorsement: Write in "Abolish This District."

Infinonytune: Loser, Beck


Anonymous said...

I hope Lil' Ravenstahl proves you wrong. I'll at least give him a chance.

You can't hate or like him just because of who he is related too.

Anonymous said...

So what has he done since getting out there?

Infinonymous said...

Adam Ravenstahl lacks the self-awareness to understand he is unqualified, the character that would lead him to refrain from running while unqualified or, most likely, both.

If dumbasses vote for Adam Ravenstahl merely because of his relations -- and make no mistake, every Ravenstahl voter (in the Democratic endorsement, primary election or general election) is a dumbass -- calling out those voters seems fair game.

Anonymous said...


I suspect that at the rate we're going, dumbasses and non-dumbasses alike will be doing a great deal of calling out in the weeks and months to come.

MH said...

My plan has unlimited family and friends calling, but I only get 100 non-dumbass to dumbass minutes.

Rex said...


My calling plan charges me $.25/min to make outgoing calls or take incoming calls from dumbasses

Anonymous said...

Letters to the editor
Friday, February 06, 2009
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

We've been had

After a mere two weeks in office and several questionable strokes of his pen, Barack Obama has created such a lack of confidence in this country -- it is unprecedented! He has broken all promises of a "new ethical tone" in Washington. Tax evaders, lobbyists, liars are the norm for this administration. This man has shown his true colors very early on.

He is an orator only and nothing more than an empty suit. He has pulled the ultimate scam on the American people in the country he professes to love. Perhaps now the little guy who is harassed for honest mistakes on tax returns can cite the Geithner-Daschle-Rangel rule to avoid having all possessions taken away and being thrown into prison. Perhaps they could even be given a Cabinet position for their "mistakes."

Mr. Obama has already proved to us that there is no help for the middle class. Not in his administration. He has taken his Chicago politics to the entire nation, and God help us now!