Monday, October 11, 2010

Rich Lords Over List Of Democrats' Officers

The Post-Gazette's Rich Lord probably does not have a vote with respect to leadership positions of the Allegheny County Democratic Committee . . . but he appears to exercise veto power, at least concerning who is to be publicly listed as an officer.

First, Mr. Lord removed Ed Grattan (far left, smaller star), whom the ACDC website had long identified as the county committee's finance chair -- until Mr. Lord published an apparently inconvenient summary of Mr. Grattan's conduct, after which publicity Mr. Grattan's name departed that website.

Mr. Lord struck again recently. Mr. Lord referred to local attorney (and longtime ACDC solicitor) Jack Cambest not only in an analysis of Pat Risha's career at the busy intersection of business and education but also in a multi-part examination of the List-Makers (whom Mr. Lord, unnecessarily deferential to Inficopyright, labeled "The Network"). As of yesterday, and as predicted, the ACDC website has pruned Mr. Cambest's name and title from its list of officers.

The ACDC website lists four officers -- chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer -- with no indication of whether the local Democratic Party has a finance chair or solicitor. Can anyone illuminate this situation?

UPDATE: The website changes do not prove that any change in status among the Democratic Party's officers has occurred (hence the request for illumination, and the qualification of Mr. Lord's apparent veto power as being limited to public listings).

UPPERDATE: A program for the ACDC's October 7th Kennedy-Lawrence dinner lists Mr. Gratton as finance chair and Mr. Cambest as solicitor on the cover but does not include biographies or photographs of them inside (where other officers' biographies and photographs are printed).


Anonymous said...


you should become a Post-Gazetteer as well.

your insights, although I don't always agree with them deserve a larger audience.

Anonymous said...

The ACDC website also fails to list any ward chairs or committeepeople, so good luck getting in touch with any party reps in your neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Good work Infi

interesting to see if PG touches this one because they can't say anymore that they didn't know

Anonymous said...

I think the ACDC used to list all of the committee people, I remember seeing it somewhere.

MH said...

so good luck getting in touch with any party reps in your neighborhood.

It isn't hard to tell. Find the block without the giant holes in the pavement and you'll know the committee person is nearby.

Anonymous said...

lol, like trying to discern the vaguries of the soviet politboro in the 1950's. Who's in ? Who's out.
Welcome to the ACDC.

Before gloating too much, the ACRC is similarly challenged.