Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Local Supermarket Erects Huge Billboard Arguing For Privatization Of Pennsylvania Liquor System

The Giant Eagle Market District store in Robinson -- one of the supermarkets at which you can buy beer, although only if you simultaneously enable Giant Eagle to sell your privacy -- has installed a huge billboard that offers a compelling argument for privatization of the Commonwealth's liquor monopoly.

The substantial stream of search-led visitors who arrive at Infinonymous seeking information about good places to buy beer prompts a link to a list of vendors who enable customers to purchase fine beer in convenient quantities without sacrificing their privacy. Suggested additions to the list welcome.

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MH said...

That's not a high tech machine with a video connection to a centralized office. Neither Giant Eagle nor the PLCB would be able to make anything that complicated work. There's an undocumented worker getting $4/shift trapped inside that machine.

Anonymous said...

Cant wait for privatization. That would be great, liquor stores on every corner of struggling neighborhoods. Think of the possibilities. Need some investment in Larmimer? Why not a liquor store? Need someone to buy that blighted building in Perry, a liquor store to the rescue!!!!!

MH said...

I think it is just us and Utah that don't let grocery stores sell wine and beer. Which is a separate question from privatizing liquor stores as many states keep the liquor sales for the state. And all of these states have a system of licensing that better controls the number of places that sell alcohol than whatever process let the South Side happen. The PLCB is to responsible alcohol policy what PennDoT is to nice roads.

Donn Nemchick said...

I am perplexed why the PLCB will not sell Pennsylvania wines in the kiosk. My gut tells me they may not receive the "kick back" from the large national distributors if they sell local products. I say "tear down the kiosks" until local products are sold!

MH said...

I am perplexed why the PLCB will not sell Pennsylvania wines in the kiosk.

Drink some Pennsylvania wine and you'll see.