Tuesday, October 26, 2010

InsolvenCity Transforming Itself Into InsaniCity

In recent days, InsolvenCity has moved from its traditional mix of low-grade corruption and small-town mediocrity to dangerous insanity:
  • Luke Ravenstahl, after deciding being instructed by the privateers to reapproach council members with another pitch for the Not-So-Great InsolvenCity Parking Garage Sale, dialed up the persuasiveness quotient with three new arguments: (1) council* has been "irresponsible," (2) your plan is a "risky scheme," and (3) you're all* idiots.

    In other words, when the mayor declared a week ago that he would not spend one more minute promoting his proposed lease, he was telling the truth.

  • The Post-Gazette editorial board endorsed Adam Ravenstahl.

  • The University of Pittsburgh has begun to offer parents and students a novel way to avoid skyrocketing tuition. A new Pitt policy disinclines students to seek medical help for alcohol-related problems . . . and dead students do not pay tuition.
* "Ricky Loves Lukey" excepted, of course.

Infinonytune: Basket Case, Green Day


Anonymous said...

If I change my last name to "Ravenstahl" will the P-G endorse me?

Anonymous said...


Take a look at how crazy Alex Dubart is before you decide the PG was just helping a Ravenstahl.

Anonymous said...

How does the Rev figure taxable interest rates at 7.7%. They are way lower than that.

Anonymous said...

How does the Rev figure taxable interest rates at 7.7%.

Burgess doesn't figure anything. He simply regurgitates what Luke feeds him.