Friday, August 28, 2009

Propositions Board: Wagering Window Is OPEN

Confidential correspondent Agent Ska has (confidentially, of course) questioned some lines on the Propositions Board (far right column), which triggered a thought:  I need to open a wagering window.

This is it.

Please use the comment feature to place your wagers, ridicule the odds, criticize the choice of subjects regarding which propositions are offered, suggest new propositions, gloat about winnings, etc.  I hope to open a Wagering Window each week.

So far, just two rules:

Only The Cometeer may wager pocorobas (provided he explains the term no later than placement of his next bet).

Only Secret Agent Ska may wager cookies.  

1 comment:

Bram Reichbaum said...

Pocorobas are the provisional units of currency used by the creators of the original Rotisserie baseball league, named after obscure 70's Atlanta Braves catcher Biff Pocoroba. Each team in a Rotisserie league is given 260 Pocorobas to auction-draft their 23 player active roster.

Let's see, I think I already have action on Iron City payback > $750,000 and Steve Kaufman as next US Attorney.

I'll throw a whopping 50Po on Bill Peduto as next Council Prez at 9-1, and I believe I'll purchase and finance a boat now for my celebratory trip around the world. If there is a way to sell Natalia Rudiak short at those 4-1 odds for President, I would do it, though I'll gladly plunk 3Po down on her for Mayoral Successor at 8-1. I'll stay away from the Indictment window because I don't want to cause a stampede.

I don't know who to pick for Governor, but I'll happily place 5Po on Dan Onorato for next County Executive at 20-1.

I've been getting mail from Peg Luksik for Senate and I think you're overestimating her chances. Of course it is only the Republican nomination. How big an issue is immigration in Central PA, anyway?