Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Good News Can Emerge From Ashes Of Disaster

More than one hundred Chinese miners, trapped and feared dead, have reached the surface, alive, more than one week after their mine was flooded.

Also, the Pirates' schedule indicates that three (and only three) games at PNC Park will be worth attending this season:
Sat., July 24, Pompatus of Love giveaway
Sat. Aug. 7, Bourbon, Scotch, Beer giveaway
Sat., Sept. 25, Conquering Fools giveaway


Anonymous said...

OAR is drinking alone.

Infinonymous said...

George Thorogood has the "I Drink Alone" concession on an exclusive basis, for life, maybe longer.

You don't like "Conquering Fools?"

Infinonymous said...

OK, now I get it, thanks to an e-mail correspondent.

Link fixed.

Anonymous said...

It seems that the pirates marketing people have learned from past mistakes.

I've paid to see two of the acts in the past, but still find it difficult to buy a ticket knowing that the profits go to a Nutting-owned business.