Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday Reading: First Amendment Edition

The Library: Want the cash? Change name to "The Carnegie Ultra Club Lounge" and hire a few employees from Cheerleaders and Blush.

Amazon: Still not too late to take holiday shopping elsewhere . . . .

Millvale: . . . such as here, for example.

State Department: Channeling McCarthy, circa 1984.

Mississippi: Freedom and small government, hypocritical conservative redneck-style.

Infinonytune: What's Goin' On?, Marvin Gaye (with James Jamerson)


iNfiFaN said...

earlier posting much appreciated

PK said...

So Lukey has no problem spending two grand for his posse, but recoils at releasing one damn dime for the libraries. And now it seems ending the South Side patrols may indirectly leave blood on his hands.

Why do I continue to live in this city?