Friday, December 31, 2010

New Pitt Football Coach Reportedly Arrested

The plan was to have Infinonymity shut down for the year by now, but a dispatch from our Steve Pederson Screw-Up desk has interfered: It appears to be lucky for Pitt that Dave Wannstedt agreed to coach the Panthers at the Nobody Knows Or Cares Bowl in whatever redneck town is hosting that blockbuster event, because the only way Pederson's "values" pick -- Michael Haywood -- could be there to do the job would be if the judge grants bail. Details concerning the arrest should emerge soon. If Wannstedt planned to clean out his office this weekend, he might be wise to procrastinate on that one.

UPDATE: P-G is on it. The Trib is, too, if linking to a flash from The Sporting News counts.

UPPERDATE: For anyone who had planned to spend New Year's Eve getting wild with Jerome Cochran and/or Alan Garfinkel: Unless a Cathedral of Learning office is your idea of party central, consider other plans, because Jerry and Al look to be spending this evening in the University's in-house legal offices, checking on whether certain documents contain legally valid signatures and researching recent developments in "moral turpitude" clauses.

Infinonytune: Pitt Fight Song, (before Steve Pederson screwed it up)

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