Thursday, December 16, 2010

When Brian Kelly Says He And Notre Dame Share Catholic Church's Moral Code, He Tells Pathetic Truth

It likely was too much to expect the University of Notre Dame -- given the institution's intimate association with the world's most egregious systematic facilitator and concealer of child sexual abuse -- to act in a moral manner with respect to the Elizabeth Seeberg case, so the university's decision to enable the relevant footballer to play throughout the season was predictable.

The prosecutor's position -- that neither the player nor the texter who threatened Elizabeth Seeberg for reporting a rape is to be charged criminally -- is, however, inexplicable. At least, until one considers the influence Notre Dame must have among law enforcement authorities in St. Joseph County the land of Touchdown Jesus (left).

Why any member of the reality-based community would consider entrusting a son or daughter to the employer of a moral bankrupt such as Brian Kelly is difficult, if not impossible, to understand.

UPDATE: Pitt fans must hope that the football coach hired recently by the emphatically expendable Steve Pederson brings no "Notre Dame values" to Pittsburgh.

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Anonymous said...

To all the disaffected Catholics out there -- the Episcopal Church welcomes you!

James said...

To all the disaffected Episcopalians out there -- the Catholic Church welcomes you!

Infinonymous said...

Students raped and dying . . . adults dodging responsibility with sanctimonious proclamations . . . and the religions continue to recruit.

Praise the Lord.

Anonymous said...

At least, in the Episcopal Church the priests openly date other adults instead of secretly molesting children.

Anonymous said...

Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa, Mea Maximus Culpa
Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.

Infinonymous said...

"Let's not judge anyone" seems a natural response from someone caught causing a kid's death, making light of a rape, or defending the sanctimonious hypocrites who engage in such behavior in furtherance of a college football program.

Or anyone associated with a criminal enterprise engaged in systematic facilitation and concealment of the sexual abuse of children.

We're comfortable judging the likes of Brian Kelly, Notre Dame and the Catholic Church.

Or anyone who, aware of the record, entrusts a child to the Catholic Church.