Friday, December 10, 2010

InsolvenCity Administrator Bolts Before Release Of Report On Public-Private Ince$t Investigation

It appears we won't have InsolvenCity entrepreneur recently resigned Water and Sewer Authority Executive Director Michael Kenney (left) to kick around any more -- except, perhaps, at the trial(s).

A steady source of material, down the drain.

(Aside to Rich and Joe: The List-Maker angles might be worth another moment of your time.)

UPDATE: Mr. Kenney left a lovely parting gift. How much of the increased tab would have been avoided had Mr. Kenney, the authority board and their predecessors competently protected ratepayer interests?


Anonymous said...

Where was former PWSA Don Walko in all of this?

Anonymous said...

tip toeing out the back door on the way to his judgeship. Hoping no one had noticed.

Anonymous said...

Smh @ anon 12:23. I used to think Don W. was such a good guy.