Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mr. Jimmy's Sister Hits Bottom, Then Goes Lower

What happens when an incompetent twit leaves a respectable newspaper in disgrace after revelation that nearly everything she wrote for years was spectacularly wrong (because she had become a hapless tool of warmongering liars)?

She follows the natural progression into pathetic hackdom:

First, she becomes a Fox News contributor.

Then, she joins a right-wing think tank.

To complete the descent, she scavenges for bylines at Scaife-funded laughingstock Newsmax.

It seems every worthwhile bit of the Miller gene pool went to Judith Miller's half-brother, Jimmy, who (1) produced what was likely the greatest five-album run in rock 'n' roll history, for for Rolling Stones, (2) played drums on several of the Stones' better songs, and (3) probably was the Mr. Jimmy who stood in line for a "cherry red" soda at the Chelsea Drug Store.

Infinonytune: You Can't Always Get What You Want, The Rolling Stones
Infinonytune: Tumbling Dice, The Rolling Stones
Infinonytune: Happy, The Rolling Stones

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