Friday, December 3, 2010

The Human Centipede: Unsavory At Any Speed

It appears the Ravenstahl-Onorato-public process system (also known as the "Human Centipede") is not moving quickly enough for some tastes with respect to the Civic Arena's fate (although Mayor Ravenstahl exhibited Bristol Palin-quality flexibility on tempo when the Rooneys snapped their fingers for a slow dance).

The substantive problem was set in subsidized concrete when fan boys Ravenstahl and Onorato gave the Penguins' owners bend-and-spread access to public assets (much as fungible predecessors had enabled the aptly named Pirates and Steelers to loot public accounts). That bad deal seems scant reason, however, to grant immunity from customary public and legal processes.

Anyone know who subsidized the mayor's attendance at the Pitt-Duquesne basketball game? Or should we wait for a declaration of gift?


Anonymous said...

following Luke around every night now? starting to get a little wierd if you ask me (maybe really DOES need security after all??)

if you know where he was sitting at the game, and sounds like you already do then, you already know where he got the ticket...real question is WHO CARES?

Anonymous said...

It could be a City Ethics Code violation depending upon the value of the tickets and the value of any other tickets that they mayor may have already received this year. It could also be problematice if something of value was given to him by an "Interested party" within the meaning of the Code of Conduct.


Rex said...


Don't know I missed the color commentary.

"Bend-and-spread?" LOL!

A little TOO colorful, but LMAO!

Infinonymous said...

It seemed compatible with the "human centipede" theme . . . and accurate.