Thursday, December 30, 2010

Can Charles Anderson Become Chicken Salad, Or Does That Work Only In The Other Direction?

If you want or need chickenshit, you can either (1) employ the method depicted at right or (2) call 724-830-3106, the office line of Westmoreland County Commissioner Charles Anderson.

(Aside to Tribune-Review editors: Don't change the lead -- "Westmoreland County Democrat commissioners this morning passed a 2011 budget" -- that flashes partisan gang signals (by using "Democrat" instead of standard English's "Democratic") in today's issue. Instead, be who you are. A closeted conservative extremist is an unhappy conservative extremist.)

Infinonytune: American Idiot, Green Day

UPDATE: Anyone still in search of chickenshit should check the website of Doug Weimer, a hypocrite who criticizes two Democrats for talking about not voting for the budget they crafted with the Republican commissioner, but is silent concerning the Republican who actually voted against that budget. (Weimer's credentials include work for Bob Regola, whose carelessness with a gun killed a kid a few years ago. When Weimer criticizes Regola, we'll withdraw his "chickenshit" badge. Until then: Doug Weimer, Republican, Doug Weimer, candidate for Westmoreland County commissioner, and Doug Weimer, pure chickenshit.)

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