Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dogma Dominating Tom Corbett's Cabinet: Education Privateer Picked For Budget Director

Tom Corbett, governor-elect of Pennsylvania The Marcellus Shale Coalition Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Inc. presented by the Chamber of Commerce, has announced his selection of Charles Zogby (left) for Budget Secretary.

This choice indicates that the Corbett administration will be steeped in right-wing dogma even in offices not commonly associated with partisan ideology. (Mr. Zogby was Enforcer of Conservative Ideology Office of Policy director during the Ridge administration.)

Mr. Zogby, after serving as Secretary of Education (despite no apparent background in education) for Gov. Ridge, has devoted his recent years to profiting from the diversion of funds from public education to those who not only fear their children would get cooties from public schools science, other children and the reality-based world, but also expect taxpayers to subsidize that antisocial preference.

The consequences of the Onorato-Corbett choice for governor are going to be ugly.

UPDATE: A reader has noted ambiguity in the preceding sentence. The calamity is not that Corbett was chosen instead of Onorato; it is that two substandard candidates were nominated, giving voters no worthwhile choice on election day.

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Anonymous said...

Did you vote for Dan Onorato?

Anonymous said...


Are you posthumously suggesting that there is, in fact, a "lesser" to two alleged evils?

Or is the solution to everyone of Pittsburgh's (and apparently the Commonwealth's -- as if either will still be in one piece) problems 2014?

Infinonymous said...

The City of Pittsburgh should not wait until 2014 to address its problems. Although it is possible Pittsburgh will keep digging its hole, until 2014 and beyond, it is to be hoped that the City will instead change course. Many people would suffer were Pittsburgh to continue to deteriorate.

Neither Corbett nor Onorato was an adequate gubernatorial candidate -- neither deserved a nomination nor earned a general election vote -- and Corbett seems nearly certain to be a substandard governor, pursuing wrongheaded ideology and paying dividends to his corporate masters.

Dan Onorato, meanwhile, shows no sign that he has learned a damned thing. The sooner he leaves for Babst Calland or Buchanan Ingersoll or Ballard Spahr, the better for everyone (including Mr. Onorato, because of the time-bombs he set during his five-year focus on higher office).

The Infindorsement stands: The best course in 2010's gubernatorial election was to rue two regrettable nominees and resolve to reload in four years.

Anonymous said...

Corbett will be far worse for Pittsburgh and PA than Onorato could ever dream of. It seems crazy not to recognize this.

Infinonymous said...

Most of the voters most familiar with Mr. Onorato -- those who have lived in Allegheny County -- disagreed with that assessment, for ample reason.

Anonymous said...

Make fun of parents who LOVE their children enough to raise them themselves WITHOUT the "help" of public schools and the teacher's unions indoctrinating of them with secular leftism and political correctness all you want but, you can't dispute our children have better test scores and it is because we LOVE them

PS No wonder the Post Gazette likes your blog they are socialists too