Friday, December 17, 2010

The Credibility-Bereft Life Of Joanna Doven

The Post-Gazette's persuasive recounting of a series of politically tinged InsolvenCity board departures is accompanied by mayoral mouthpiece Joanna Doven's (right) reflexive denial that the Ravenstahl administration removes appointees for retribution . . . and, given the plausible deniability in most such contexts, it nearly worked.

But Debbie Lestitian (left)? Not a political rubout?

Ms. Doven knew when she said it that she could never peddle that tripe even at a table occupied by Rev. Ricky Burgess, John Verbanac, Adam Ravenstahl and a random, giggling blonde at Jimmie D's.


Bill L. said...

That is so funny/scary. When I clicked on the "retribution" hyperlink in the post it went to my Blogger dashboard. Given that I've never been appointed to a city board, is that a prediction, or a warning?

Infinonymous said...

Bizarre mistake corrected.

(That, or Infinonymous has been hacked, just like Stephen Colbert's teleprompter.)

Thanks for the pointer.

Anonymous said...

you constantly dragging Joanna into this is low class just like the rest of your blog,,,nice cheap shot at the Church this morning by the way just in time for Christmas which I am sure, is no coincidence

Infinonymous said...

First, we have a deal for Ms. Doven: She stops saying stupid things, we stop observing that she says stupid things.

Second, we propose these terms regarding the "cheap shot" concerning Notre Dame and the Catholic Church: Provide the other side of the story concerning Declan Sullivan and Elizabeth Seeberg, or go back to relying on hypocritical superstition to shield your synapses from the reality-based world.

Either way, Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Ms Doven sure is miserable. What a charming tone she sets for the jackass administration.
Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth.

PK said...

Agree with Infy a public relations "professional" (and I use that term loosely) Ms. Doven is not a "spokeswoman" but rather a "flack" in the true meaning of the word.

Most PR professionals in this city wouldn't touch her job with a ten foot pole regardless of the salary because it would take years to wash the scum off your body. For her to pop off with smarmy-ass comments at times and continue to serve as the mayor's mouth-organ means she has few ethical boundaries...a true PR pro would had quit that job long ago, let alone even taken the position.

Anonymous said...

Doven says some out of this world garbage. She works in that administration so she is fair game.

She also dates Mike Huss...what's that tell you about her?