Tuesday, December 28, 2010

How Much Do "Free" Tickets Cost The Public? (Or Recipients, In Terms Of Public Respect?)

Regardless of who provided or paid for the tickets that enabled the Onorato family to attend the Pitt-Connecticut game at the Petersen Events Center on Monday evening -- or how much longer Dan Onorato intends to occupy his current office -- the county executive might have better declined them.

How would Braddock residents, for example, perceive a picture from the luxury box in which Dan Onorato and University of Pittsburgh representatives enjoyed the game and socialized?

Public officials responsible for dispensing public dollars and favors should avoid even the appearance of impropriety in situations such as this; it would dispel reasonable and troublesome questions when wince-worthy events -- such as the Rooneys speeding crawling inexplicably past their third contractual deadline in a too-good-to-be-legitimate deal -- occur . . . as they commonly do when the Penguins, the Pirates, Pitt, UPMC or the Steelers are involved.

Infinonytune: Ticket To Ride, The Beatles


we wanna know said...

c'mon, infy, you're killing us.....whassup with today's big parking deal

and how come you know where the mayor drinks and what seats danny boy is sittin' in? you an insider? or a weirdo? maybe both?

Anonymous said...

The story is right on - he was sitting with Steve Peterson. Saw them and actually thought the same thing, What would people think of those two yukking it up in a private box?

After the UPMC golf fiasco thought Dan learned a lesson but this was right out there in the open, front row of a box above Pitt's bench.